Saturday, May 16, 2009

17 weeks or maybe 18 weeks!

They moved my due date up by a week, so I guess I am now 18 weeks. Weird! Well I have not thrown up at all today and even ate 1/4 of a in-n-out cheese burger, and 1/2 an order of fries for lunch. Not a huge amount but it stayed down. I had a small bowl of white rice for dinner and it to stayed down. I decided I am over the husband laughed at me! Whenever I go a few hours without throwing up I consider myself over the hump :)

I decided not to take the Reglan still or the zofran. I feel like I know my body and everyone has to be an advocate for themselves. I could get doctors advice, do research and then ultimately the decision is up to me. No body knows their body better then themselves. It not only works this way with hyperemesis but any illness that happens to your body. I do this when my children are sick, and I am lucky enough to have a pediatrician that understands how I feel. When my kids for example have ear infections I research what options I have and then I tell the doctor what medication I would prefer and listen to his advice and make an educated decision. (you know some doctors get a kick back from drug company's if they prescribe a certain medication an X amount of times a month). I do the same with vaccines for the children. If you pray and are in tune with the spirit you will be in tune with your body and know what is best for you and your family. Be your own advocate, you are the best advocate you have!

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