Friday, May 15, 2009

17 weeks tomorrow...still sick!!!!!!!

i decided not to take the reglan, after doing some research I decided it was not the best fit for me. i am still going med free, because i feel it is the best personal option for me. i throw up all the time still, i am so hungry!!!! i wanted ice cream for dinner last night so brad went to cold stones. Vanilla with reeses and peanut butter....yummy. i had about 10 good. And realized i was going to get sick, my bowl next to me was full of trash since i have not been using bowls. i got up, jumped over a baby doll stroller, kicked the kids shopping cart, toys were in my way, lizzie yelled, "SHE IS GOING TO BLOW!!!!!!!!!" made it to the hall and the entrance of the bathroom and Liz was right, I screamed to brad, i didn't make it. The toilet was so close, yet so far away. Well first time this pregnancy. My mother in law came down yesterday and i slept most of the day. my clothes keep getting baggier and baggier....crazy! i feel the baby move a lot which is exciting.

Showers are a huge blessing though i usually throw up in them they still give me some relief for a while. While lying in the shower last night i realized i need a huge pillow, the tile floor in the shower is not very comfy. Then it made me remember when i was pregnant with liz. My parents had a double shower. Two showers in one. This never made sense to me before i got married, why you would take a shower at the same time as another person. Then once i got married it made even less sense….who has time to take a shower with their spouse when you have kids. We are like a tag team when it comes to showers, all right honey your 5 minutes are up! Random thoughts i with liz my parents had a pool and i use to take a blow up raft and lay it in the shower and lay on it. it was great. so i need a blow up raft to lay in the shower on so i am not on the hard tile. Odd things you think about when you spend hours a night in a shower.

Guess how much my picc line procedure cost? $14,000.......for a whole 10 minute procedure!!!!!!!!!

Thanks to Polly for yummy pizza dinner last night

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Anonymous said...

Reading your blog gave me Dajavu! It sounds like the story of my two pregnancies. Keep up the good work, I believe everyone needs to know the "truth" about Hyperemesis. It is truly a illness, not a "mental game." Thanks again!