Friday, May 29, 2009


3 for 3! We are so very excited. We went to lunch and there were 4 boys sitting behind us, they were so loud! They were driving me crazy (kids usually don't drive me crazy), I turned to Brad and said it better be a girl, I can't do a boy! He said not to worry that it was a girl. Then I threw up my lunch, yes the first time in like 2 or 3 weeks! I was devastated! It was in a public bathroom and it was everywhere! I was crying, I wanted to go home and not do the ultrasound. I have had a hard 2 days with being nauseous. Made it to the ultrasound place, got sick again. I informed them my bladder was empty (your suppose to have a full bladder), they said it would be all right. The baby looked perfect it is measuring for a due date of October 24th, which was my original due date. So I am only 19 weeks not 20 :( The heart, brain, and everything looked great. I have a cyst on my right side that they will monitor after birth, this was no surprise to me since I have had to have cysts on my right side removed before. It should not complicate the pregnancy.


Angie said...

Congrats!!! It'll be interesting to hear how her personality differs from Emmie & Lizzie's. Glad everything looked ok and she is healthy and normal.

Julie said...

congrats Sarah!!!!!! I am so excited for you and Brad! 3 girls, how fun!!!