Saturday, May 30, 2009

19 weeks today!

I can't believe only 19 weeks, it is going by so slow. Still nauseous, I feel like I have had a small set back with throwing up, but nothing I can't handle (or so my husband says). I keep telling him this is it for us having babies, he is not so sure, I am still sure he is crazy! HA HA HA! I had another spell last night, I think that is what I will start calling them. It happened 3 times this week, last night was the worse, it was like 11pm. I will be sitting and then I start feeling dizzy, then I see spots everywhere and I feel like I am going to pass out. I have not passed out yet, thank goodness. Brad thinks I do it when I am hungry, but I don't think I was hungry (though I am always hungry). I think I do it it when my blood pressure goes down when I am dehydrated, which would make sense since I threw up so much yesterday. Either way it makes me nervous about being far from home, or out with the kids by myself. I need to ask the doctor. Hopefully the spells and throwing up will get better this week end. ITS A GIRL!!!!!!!! YA!!!!!!!!!!!

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