Saturday, April 21, 2012

19 Weeks and 3 days!

I woke up with a headache this morning (maybe it is this crazy weather changing every other day), but took some Tylenol and hoping it goes away!  It is my oldest daughters first day of BIG GIRL swim lessons in the BIG POOL and I am going!

Last night I went to dinner with my hubby and kids the first time we all went out to dinner since I have been sick, it felt really good but I am not sure how we are going to do it with 4!  HA HA HA!  We then went grocery shopping and I did great!  I did not even feel like the world was ending!

I forgot to mention that I got the test results back from the Quad Screen.  If you are not familiar with this test it is a blood test done around 18 weeks to see if you are carrying a child with a chromosomal abnormality — specifically, Down syndrome, trisomy 18, or spina bifida.  My hubby and I never know whether to do this test or not because no matter how the test results came back we would not abort the pregnancy or change anything.  We always end up deciding to do the test just so if something is wrong with the baby that we can prepare our children what to expect.  I do have a best friend (I hope you don't mind I am writing this, and I hope this information is correct) who does not do prenatal testing and her first beautiful baby girl came out and had down syndrome she says she is glad she did not know.  That finding out was not traumatic or disappointing, that it is the way she wanted it to be.  She has 2 more beautiful little girls and did not have them tested either while she was pregnant.  My friend is an amazing person and mother and I hope I can be more like her.  She is so strong and I admire her for her choices.  I am not sure I am as strong as her though.  I would be a happier camper if she decided to have a boy with me though (ha ha ha)!  Anyways, the test came back normal, not that anything is 100% guarantee but it sure helps me sleep better.

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