Monday, April 16, 2012

19 weeks in 2 days!

Well I have recovered from the flu, which I am pretty sure I had from the kiddos.  I have not had zofran pump or oral zofran since Saturday morning.  Last night I went to bed and had a blood clot in my left lumen picc.  It would not flush at all even with the blood thinner heprin.  I am not ready to get my picc out but not today!  My nurse came and changed my dressings and the clot was in my blue connector, so we changed that out and all flushed well! YA! 

I am so afraid of getting my picc line taking out then go down hill in a few weeks and need it again.  This never happened before with my 3 other girls but this is my first boy and he seems to be so un-predictable.  If I do not need my pump at all this week I will be brave and have my picc taken out next Monday.  The baby's heart beat was 148 today and my home healthcare nurse #1 had her baby Saturday!  It was a little girl and she was 6 pounds 3 oz, I saw pictures and she is super cute.  I can't wait to hold my baby!

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