Monday, April 23, 2012

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Who is cuter and who can tell me who they are?

So the 2 boys names we have decided on for our baby are the same as these 2 men.  The first one is my husbands childhood hero.  His name is Danny Sullivan.  He won the big indy race in the 80's.  He was supposedly one of the hottest guys of the time.  My hubby is a huge indy race car fan and loves this man!  He really wants to name our son Daniel. 

The second man is Evan Marriott from the TV show Joe Millionair that was on TV 9 years ago.  My husband and I watched it while we were dating and we actually met him at our local mall and I had my picture taken with him.  I loved him and I loved his name!  When I turned the computer on this morning there was a story line of what Evan looks like now 9 years later, well he does not look so good and am please to announce MY HUBBY AGED BETTER (even with his little bald spot and extra pounds)!

So who does the baby get named after?  Indy Car driver or Joe Millionaire?

Both names do have some other importance.  Daniel is the name of one of my cousins who is an admirable man that I look up to.  He serves our country in the military and has an amazing wife and 5 great kids!  He had to leave his family and go serve our country a year ago and made it home safely.  What a great man to have the same name! And of course Daniel is in the bible!

Then there is Evan Stephens (June 28, 1854 – October 27, 1930) who was a Latter-day Saint composer and hymn writer. He was also the director of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir for 26 years (1890–1916).  When my husband and I sing songs at church and we have been thinking about baby names (with all 4 kids) we would often sing one of his songs.  We would often comment that it was a sign!  He wrote "Let Us all Press On".

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Andrea said...

Well Sarah you made me tear up reading about what you put for the name Daniel. I do like that name a lot but the fun thing is, you two get to choose your BOY's name. Thanks for being so sweet.