Tuesday, April 10, 2012

17 weeks and 6 days

Well I think I am adjusting a little better to the lower zofran dosing and hoping for a better day (I am even going on a lunch date with a great friend).  I went to WalMart to go grocery shopping for the first time last night in 18 weeks, and ended up sitting/laying in the shoe section (the only place with benches).  It wiped me out!

Then I woke up at 3am thinking someone was breaking in and I got out of bed and opened my door and found my husband on the ground dying.  Really!  The stomach flu, 3 times in 3 months!  He was throwing up everywhere!  I blame it on the handful of ants he ate in his cheeze it box he blames it on a bad Mexican dinner. 

I got up and took my oldest to school and to the lab to blood work to do the quad screen test to check for tubal deformities.  When I sat down the blood lady said, "Your not green today!"  Sad they know me that well!

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Anonymous said...

Congrats on 18 weeks! I had hyperemesis with my son. We both really want another one but I'm terrified of going through HG with a toddler and without any emotional support or help to get through it. I'm trying to find some resources just in case and found your blog. :-) Hang in there....