Thursday, April 5, 2012

17 weeks and 1 day

today has been better then yesterday, i took both of the kids to school today the first time in 17 weeks and it did not kill me. i even went to mcdonalds to celebrate afterwards with a hash-brown and oj!  i cleaned the girls art room (and sliced my foot), and made mac and cheese for lunch!  now i am resting.  the hardest part of the day is my 2 year old has been home with me all day by myself she is usually with grandma or my 4 year old is home to play with her.  we keep looking at each other thinking what are we suppose to do with all this time together.  i love that we get our time back together (maybe potty training is in our future since she is ready and I am not) i just wish i had my energy back to go to the park, or play outside, or do something fun together.  soon enough though! i love being a mom and i love the fun age of a 2 year old and their curiosity!

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