Friday, April 13, 2012

18 weeks and 2 days

i over did it! went to a baby store to look for shoes for my daughter, then the post office, bank, and another baby store.  by the time i was ready to check out I was leaning on the counter at the check out, the lady was moving as slow as possible, i wanted to yell, "You better hurry up or you are going to have puke all over you!"  she wanted to put me in the computer: name, number, address, e-mail and I just want to fall to the ground.  then she needed to put hangers away, a mile away, and I was ready to ring her neck!  didn't she see I was GREEN!  made it to the car and had dry heaves all the way home, could barley get my 2 year old out of the car.  in the house hugging the trash (never got sick) opened the fridge and ate a head of lettuce (did I mention I am going through a huge lettuce crave), and now I feel better.  i do not know if it was an empty stomach issue or hyperemesis, but i am worried about lowering my pump today!  i do not like the sick feeling!

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