Friday, April 6, 2012

17 weeks and 2 days.......doctors

Yesterday was my doctors appointment.  Before the appointment we went to the mall so the girls could see the Easter bunny.  Our 2 year old did better then she did with Santa and actually stood in line then when it was her turn to go up she cried and wanted her daddy.  We were so close!  Next year!  The other 2 girls were happy to see the Easter bunny though y 7 year old told me some kids at school told her it was not real and wanted to know if I thought it was real.  I am not ready for her to grow up!  I ate a salad at the mall and I am in a huge salad kick, I can not get enough! More salad please!

Then to the doctors where I gained 3 pounds in 2 weeks!  So I lost 25 pounds and gained 4 pounds.  I feel like I am going to be huge because I am hungry all the time and I eat all the time.  It is 9am and I am eating popcorn all ready!  The baby’s heart rate was 148.  I get to go 4 weeks until my next appointment the longest I have ever gone!  YA!  I also get another ultra sound and see if I still have placenta previa which this doctor seemed to think was still an issue.  I pray in the next 4 weeks this issue will resolve.  Still on the disabled list.....wink wink!

The doctor asked me these questions I thought they were a little early but here we go:

Doctor: Pediatrician?
Me: Yes
Doctor: Infant car seat?
Me: Yes
Doctor: Natural or epidural?
Me: Epidural as soon as I walk in!
Doctor: Breast feeding or bottle?
Me: Breast feeding
Doctor: Circumcision or not?
Me: Not, why, what do you think?
Doctor: I just perform them I do not see the pros in cons in them but if we got in another war like Vietnam where the boy would be in dirty water then it needs to be done.
Me: That is a thin chance
Doctor: Yes you are right
Me: How do I get away with not doing the Hep B vax in the hospital?
Doctor: Why would you not do it?
Me:  The baby is too young and there is no chance he will get an STD at 8 hours old.
Doctor: I would call and ask your pediatrician.

Now the doctor thinks I am nuts :)  Ha Ha Ha, no I really liked the doctor it is the first time I saw him and out of all the doctors I have seen in the practice there is not one i do not like!  Unlike when I had my last baby and the one doctor I did not like was on call when I went in to have the baby and she did not believe in drugs and I had to wait 12 hours until the next doctor came on to give me drugs!  Will not do that again!

Well i am getting my hair done today, YA!

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