Tuesday, April 17, 2012

For you bff Marcy! - 19 weeks tomorrow!

This is my LARGE tummy! Holy Cow! This better be a big baby!

This is goodbye to the zofran pump, I mail it back to the home healthcare in the morning!  Good bye pump!  Love you but happy to see you go!

So the biggest 2 complaints I currently have, is:

1. I still can not wear my contacts!  My vision is so blurry in them and not in my glasses!  I hate my glasses I look horrible because I am so blind that my lenses are so thick they hang out of the frame, total bottle caps!  I want my contacts back! Please eyes return to normal!

2. I have no energy what so ever!  I am not sure if this is a typical complaint of a 19 week pregnant woman, 30 years old, with 3 small children or if it is due to hyperemesis.  My husband says it is due to the hyperemesis and being sick for so long.  I literally can not switch the laundry around without needing an hour break.  I sit a lot!  I do not like that, i like to be busy and not out of breath!

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