Friday, March 27, 2009

10 weeks tomorrow...heard baby's heart beat

Well i went to a new doctor today. i really like her but brad wants me to stay with the doctor i have. i am not sure what i am going to do. We heard the baby's heart beat today, it was so fast, it was so cool. i even have a little lump that the doctor showed me that is the baby. No wonder my pants are getting snug. The nurses came and changed my dressings on my picc line, it always stings so bad. The nurse said she thought my hubby was so funny last time. i asked why and she said, "you are throwing up, have a picc line, look like you are dying....and he is sitting next to you talking about how maybe the next baby will be easier!!!!" She said the funny part was he was so serious. i informed her that brad will have a different wife for the next child he has! i have felt alright today, the doctor told me to drink pepsi for my headaches, but the bubbles made me feel sick.

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Chelle Belle said...

You should try Coke instead. Pepsi never worked for me but Coke seemed to have more syrup and it did actually help to settle my stomach some. I hope this helps!