Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Wednesday...Dr Day

well i started off with a good morning. i then realized the zofran was suppose to run in my pump every 48 hours but was running every 40 hours for the last 4 days, so i was getting over dosed, maybe that’s why i have felt half way decent! why can't anything go right?

then i go to the doctors and saw the nurse practitioner and excuse my language but she is the DUMBEST PERSON i have ever meet, i mean ever! i was so mad, i rolled my eyes and really made her upset. she could not answer any of my questions and would not get my doctor! she had no clue what was going on with me, i told her i didn't want things done and she still did them. i told her i didn't want blood work unless it was through my picc line and she told me no. she told me i needed all these prenatal testing done but didn't give me any info on it. i was so made! she told me to drink water for constipation and if I took laxatives i would miscarry! so what am i suppose to do die every 4 days from cramps? she was so dumb! i might switch doctors, i know i will never see that lady again!

good news is the baby looked good, kicking and strong heart beat! lizzie was so excited!

i have only thrown up 1 time today! I lost 2 more pounds since last MOnday so for a total of minus 12 pounds in 5 weeks.

Thanks Dubray family for a yummy pasta dinner tonight. And to Lisa for watching Emmie while we went to the doctors.

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