Saturday, March 21, 2009

saturday........9 weeks

i stayed in bed until noon, and felt good.

Uncle Kevin came over with lots of yummy food for everyone...including mash new favorite food! Thanks Kev! Him, brad and the girls went and visited my grandparents. I was very sad I could not go.

I then had a movie theater popcorn craving and brad and kev thought I was crazy. I told them if my dad was here he would go get it for me. So we called my dad and he said for sure he would get it for me. So brad and kev got it for me. Thanks a was great!

Do NOT read on if you do not want to know gross detail on this evening!!!!!!!

So I got constipated again. I tried a glycerin suppository and it did not work it just made me bleed. So I sent brad to the store to get an enema, and ask the pharmacist some questions. I do not think he was thrilled. He came home and i did the enema...first time in my life....all i have to say is GROSS! It did nothing also except make me crampy. Brad convinced me to call the doctor so I did (she is going to hate me). She said to go to the store a get milk of magnesium and drink away. Well I didn't think I could keep it down so Brad bought it in pill form, 4 huge pills! It can take up to 12 hours to work. I sure hope I live to see 12 hours!

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ashli said...

I'm so encouraged to hear that you are able to eat SOMETHING! That is really, really great! Were you able to keep the pills down?

Keep on keepin on!