Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Wed, Mar 11, 09...7.5 weeks!!!!!!!!!

Well it has been a long week and it is only Wednesday! My mother in law came down all day Monday to help me because I was so sick. Brad was home Tuesday and Wednesday. My insurance denied me getting a zofran pump through a company called matria. Tuesday my insurance company found another company to do my pump but come to find out they had to have a picc line in which I didn't want so I threw a fit. Today I was sick again and the insurance company found a 3rd company to do a pump and they came out at 5pm tonight and put the pump in. Thank you Amy so much for watching the girls while the pump was put in. I didn't want to stress the girls out. The nurse came out and our friend Kathleen from church came over who is a nurse to help us change the needle site. Thank you so much Kathleen! The pump is in! YA! I now have zofran 24 hours a day and can not throw it up! It is a miracle...I don't feel better yet but I am hoping a praying I will. I do not think I can feel worse! Brad went grocery shopping last night with Emmie and he says he could never be a single dad..ha ha ha! He is attempting pancakes for dinner tonight.

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Marcy said...

What a blessing to have Kathleen available to do that for you. Sounds like you are surrounded by great people who are going to help carry you through this! My mother-in-law always says (when I tell her that the end is too far away): 9 months is going to go by no matter what, do you want to have a baby at the end of it? Remembering that sweet child will help.