Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Sunday....March 8, 09...7 weeks

Well hyperemesis has finally hit, a lot later then usual. I usually get it between 4 and 5 weeks, this time was 7 weeks almost to the day. Friday night I started throwing up and throw up all night. Saturday morning i couldn't even keep a sip of water down and threw up my stomach lining...2 that even possible? i thought the world was ending. My hubby coached church basketball Saturday and i really wanted to get out of the house so I went, I did pretty good needed help when Liz had to go to the bathroom, moving makes me feel sick (thanks seegmiller family for the bathroom run help). We came home and I got sick all afternoon, I can't keep anything down. Brad and I were supposed to go to the temple with the crocketts, cotes, dubrays, and seegmillers. I wanted to go so bad, brad didn't think it was a good idea but we were doing family names at the temple that were important to me. So we went, the wangsgards watched the girls.... thank you so much wangsgards, you are the best! We went to the temple and had an amazing time, brad baptized the cote girls (his first time baptizing anyone) and it was very special to him. Brother seegmiller baptized brad 15 times (I am sure he is sore today) and it was great. All the crocket sisters took great care of me even though I probably looked like death. Thank you everyone for the wonderful temple experience.

I was then sick most of Saturday night and woke up 5am Sunday morning thinking the world was going to end I threw up my stomach lining 3 times...yes 3 times since there was nothing in my stomach….stomach lining is the worse by the way to through looks like raw eggs and taste like acid burning your throat. I then took a bath which didn't help and then I came downstairs, at 8am I was still the only one up and I finally had my first big melt down, I felt like the world was ending, I feel so sick, and the ending seems so far away! How will I ever be able to do this?

I didn't want to go to church but brad thought it would help. We were just going to go to sacrament meeting but we stayed the whole time. The bread for sacrament made me sick so I had to run to the bathroom. We stayed the whole 3 hours of church and I am glad we did.

Hopefully this week will get easier!

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