Friday, March 20, 2009


well i am having an OK day today. i have not thrown up all day. i do not like the 4 hours of hydration i have to do a day, it taste like rusty nails in my throat. but at least it keeps me hydrated. brad is working from home today and the kids are being super great! if i had any energy today might be close to perfect! i want energy! i want to be able to type with 2 hands! i am really worried about constipation and i don't know what to do! please no cramps this week-end!

Well 2pm on Friday hit and it went all down hill until bed time. i hate throwing up!

top 10 things i am thankful for:

-my family......children, husband, parents, brother, grandparents, etc.
-my friends, family friends, work friends, ALL of my friends!
-the, religion, faith, integrity, hope, charity, destiny, shelter, health (overall), money, peace, love my IV, to drink, to cook with, and especially to bathe in
-doctors & drugs....that are keeping me alive and saving my life
-phone....keep in touch with loved ones and receive up lifting calls from loved ones
-TV.....what would i do all day long without it? Stare at the wall for 18 hours?
-Answered and Unanswered Prayers
-God the father, Jesus christ our Savior, and the Holy Ghost

Count your blessings, name them one by one and see what the Lord has done!

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ashli said...

Hang in there. You are doing GREAT!!!