Sunday, March 22, 2009

sunday 22....D-Day...death day or so it feels

This blog continues from yesterdays. I didn't sleep well last night due to cramping. Then i woke up at 7am with really bad cramping. i was praying the laxatives would work but they didn't seem to be, so i got another suppository. As i went to use it i finally went to the bathroom, i went to the bathroom for 2 hours!!!! Painful!!!!! i took about 5 bathes to help relieve the pain. How am i going to handle this again in a few days? Cramping is worse then throwing up! While i was in the bathroom this morning i threw up more this morning then i have all week, now i am really dehydrated. During all this i disconnected from my zofran and hydration because it was in my way, which probably made everything worse.

Well when i thought the morning couldn't get worse, i was laying in the chair it was around 10am and my arm was covered in blankets, i still don't like looking at the picc. For some reason i decided to look at my arm and there was bright red blood all over the place! Like gushing blood, i freaked out obviously. Brad was trying to find the number to call for week-end emergency's we called it, they had to page a nurse, who seemed like it took forever for her to call back.....15 minutes, bleeding the whole time. The nurse said to apply pressure but that hurt really badly. She was about 45 minutes away. i was so scared that they would have to take the picc line out and do it again! Brad decided he couldn't go to church because even if my arm was fixed because of all the blood i loss he didn't want to leave me. i really wanted him to go to church.....he was teaching the elders quorum lesson....and i just wanted some time alone....i never have time alone! Brad does a great job taking care of me, but sometimes i need some air. Lisa even offered to come baby-sit me but there was no way he was going to leave me. Rebecca came and picked lizzie up for church....thanks a ton....she loved it! So, the nurse came cleaned up my arm, changed my dressings, stopped the bleeding, and flushed my picc line...and got it working again!! YA!!!!!!!!! so, somehow this morning i injured a blood vessel, now i have to be even more careful with my arm, i already can't do anything! i hate blood.

i would like to thank my heavenly father for being with me today and helping me through everything. i know he knows me personally and my trials. i know i am a daughter of god. i know things were bad today but i know they could have been a whole lot worse with out my heavenly father watching out for me.

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