Saturday, March 14, 2009

Saturday...March 14, 09...8 weeks...FINALLY!!

I still feel like death. I know when people see me or talk to me on the phone it might not appear that way, but that is how I feel most of the time. The pain never goes away...I feel sick all the time. Last night was the worse, I think I was really dehydrated and can't really remember anything pass 7pm. Brad said I was pretty out of it, I was at the point where you could go throw me in a hole a bury me. The doctor wants Iv's and my leg is having a reaction to the zofran pump, and is very swollen and irritated. I have had to change the site on my leg 3 times all ready. Thanks a ton to Kathleen and Marcy for helping me with that. I have to keep a heating pad on my leg at all times to reduce some of the pain in my leg. They upped the zofran dose from 24 to 32 whatever that means, the highest they can go for a pregnant woman is 34. I can't believe I am only 8 weeks, not even half way there. Usually by 20 weeks I feel better, I am never going to make it. This was a very bad idea. I am tired of feeling sick. I think I might give in on Monday and do iv's and maybe a picc line to help easy the pain in my leg, though a tube from my arm to my heart does not sound very exciting. Brad was a huge help this week and worked from home 3 days this week, thank goodness, but he is starting to get exhausted from all the cleaning, cooking, laundry, baths, and kids. The kids are real troopers and thanks a ton to Lisa for taking them all the time, and buying me apples as I told her on the phone, "The really hard ones...not the soft ones, I do not like them soft!" Even though they didn’t stay down, they tasted good. I am going to owe Lisa big time in 9 months :) Thanks Marcy for doing dishes and hanging out with me the other day, seeing people seems to keep my mind off things and keeps me from having to stare at the TV all day long.I will make it!

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Chelle Belle said...

I am sorry that you are feeling so crummy. I hope that it gets better. I remember feeling the same way. I had to go have iv's but they only gave me Reglan. It worked but only for about 2 hours after the iv was finished. I know that you can do this and in nine months you will have a beautiful child. I will get in touch with you when I get back from vacation. Take care and keep your spirit up!