Wednesday, March 18, 2009

march 18, 09.............wednesday

The picc went great, it was scary! The operating table, being awake...the whole thing. The worse part was the 6 shots to numb your arm, after that you don't feel a thing. I was singing, I am a child of God, in my head to get me through the pain. Bishop Wansgard gave me a great blessing Monday night and i knew that God was with me during the procedure. It is weird to think I have tube from my arm to my heart. I would do the procedure again if I had to.

We came home and my nurse came out and started me on my iv's and med's. I have a double pick. My arm is very sore from being cut open and it looks funny to me. I had to have 4 hours of hydration therapy so I had to stay up until midnight.

But then at 11pm i had these really sharp pains in my side, it hurt to breathe. Brad called the doctor and she said as long as i was not bleeding it was probably constipation due to dehydration. i thought i was going to die. Brad ran to the store, nowhere was open, it took him 35 minutes to get me meds, i lay on the floor and screamed the whole time (poor liz was freaking out). Well when brad got home with the meds it worked in about 5 minutes and i sat on the toilet until 3:30am!!!!!!!!! i thought i was going to die it hurt so bad. Finally i laid down and woke up at 4am, i went to the bathroom 3 more times and it was all blood. We called the doctor again and she said the one word i hate, hydroids! i went back to bed at 9am when Lisa and Amy took the kids for a day (thanks a ton), i was awoken at noon when the nurse came to change the dressings and do blood pressure. i am so tired!

I thank my heavenly father so much for helping me through last night without him i would never had made it, I was praying all night for the cramps to end, because of him I made it throw the night.

Funny moments about the hospital:

-When they called my name to go to the operating room they said Sarah, I raised my hand and the male nurse said, "So, are you ready for your sex change procedure?"

-The 2 male nurses were trying to decide which one should scrub in to help the doctor with the i asked who had more experience....they looked at each other and said, "Neither one of us have ever done this before, but we watched a video on how to do a picc line before you came!"

-The male nurse that scrubbed in had to put a gown on, mask, gloves, etc. When he put the gown on the other nurse tied the back, well it kept coming un-tied and the nurse said, "I just hate wardrobe malfunctions!" The other nurse said, "As long as your pants don't malfunction we will be O.K!"

-I told the doctor he did a good job, the nurse said, "Please tell all your friends that want to get a picc line in to ask for Dr. Michaels!" (Like I have a ton of friends waiting to get a picc line put in!)

Thanks Dubrays for dinner tonight...i loved the fruit salad!

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