Saturday, April 11, 2009

12 weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well the last few days have been ups and downs. i have thrown up more then usual. i am very use to my picc line and can now sleep at night and not even notice it. i got a horrible call from my mother yesterday. My grandfather whom i am very close to is dying....he has been dying since June 2008 when he had a massive heart attack, but now his time has come. Hospice has been called in to his assisted living, and a hospital bed, it is just a matter of time. He no longer talks but seems to know who i was. i went and saw him yesterday and said goodbye, it was my first time out of the house except for the doctors in probably 8 to 6 weeks. i did well, but threw up as soon as i got home. i don't know if i sit all day because i am tired and have no energy or because i am afraid to throw up more then i already do. i pray grandpa passes soon and peacefully so he is not in anymore pain. My grandmother made the comment ever since i started getting sick and not visiting every other day grandpa started going down hill. i feel bad though it is not my fault. i will miss the grandpa he use to be, he is already gone, and has been for a while. We dyed eggs today and lizzie loved it, emmie was very bored and not impressed. We did an egg hunt, lizzie loved it and emmie just wanted to swing. Kids are funny. i sat at the table while they dyed eggs, and outside for a tiny bit, then felt sick. 2 more weeks then i will be 14 weeks, and i think that is when hormone levels start to lower. i hope the baby has the same blue eyes as my grandfather. I spent Easter with him last year L

thanks to amy for taking the kids while i said goodbye to grandpa

thanks lisa for taking the kids while i rested after saying goodbye to grandpa

thanks kevin for a yummy ham dinner tonight with potatoes, and dying eggs

thanks to the Crockett family for inviting us over for Easter

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