Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Tuesday, the 7th of April

Well i really wanted to go to target tonight to go Easter shopping for the girls. I wanted to ride in one of those motorized shopping carts since i cannot walk. My hubby told me no way was i strong enough, Lisa my friend laughed (yes you did!) at first but thought it would be an alright idea she wanted to know how i would even make it there since the car makes me sick, and Kevin told me no way what happens if you get germs from the cart. I have to be careful with germs and my picc line, if i get a staph infection it could be dangerous. So, brad went with out me. i am sad! he is trying to buy clothes for the girls which he has never done, he just called and did not know what colors to get. He is so funny.

My old doctors office called again today, i swear they like to drive me crazy. the doctor wants to see me tomorrow to go over my test results since there are some problems. I asked for the test results and they said it takes 10 days to process. What happens if it is serious and i won't make it 10 days! So i called my new doctor and the office manager answered the phone, she was awesome! She said she would handle it. So she called my doctor they would not give her the results, so she called the lab where i did the tests and after some convincing she got the results! Thank goodness!!!!!!! So my new doctor called and my old doctor is crazy! My blood platelet count was 435 a healthy persons is between 150 and 400. But, i am sick so mine should not be normal. All of my blood work should not be normal due to me being sick. She said not to worry about anything, and everything looked good enough considering my condition. I love my new doctors office!!!!!

I had a good day until I decided to take a bath, i can only take a bath when my zofran runs out every 48 hours, so when the zofran runs out i have to go take a bath then or wait another 48 hours. And my hair needed washed! I hate being told when i can and can not take a bath. Well i got in the bath got dizzy, and tired, asked Brad to wash my hair, by the time he got my hair wet I thought I was going to pass out, and started yelling at him to hurry and get me out of the bath tub before I passed out. So, I did not get my hair washed but I did not pass out either! I hate being weak and sick!

Thank you Gordon Family for bringing dinner in tonight!

Thank Angee for the Easter Party for Lizzie to go to today, and thank you for the book, Simplify a Guide to Caring for the Soul, I can't wait to start reading it!

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