Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tuesday, no clue the date.....

Well we had a good Easter evening, we were all able to make it to the crocketts with the dubrays, seegmillers, cotes, and masiovechio (i know i did not spell that right), and had a great time. i decided to disconnect from my zofran pump and my hydration because i didn't want to carry it all over there. i lasted 3 hours, even ate a little and had a real good time. i felt human! The kids had a blast and had fun with the Easter egg hunt. Thank you to everyone!

So Monday i woke up and decided i was done with this iv stuff.... though brad and kevin told me not too. i went without an iv, first time in many, many weeks. All day! I was so proud; i decided i am tired of being attached to machines, and laying around all the time. i am done, done, done! It is my body, i should have a say!!!!!!

Well that bit me in the butt today! i threw up a ton this morning, brad said worse to date...i think he always says that though. i didn't think i would make it to the doctors. i did go to the doctor’s saw Kathy, i liked her a lot. i lost 3 more pounds. She said that i have to have my iv, and zofran until 20 weeks and i am only 12 weeks. She said if i quit now i will be sorry. She said you already have the picc line, the iv's don't hurt, i said i am tired of sitting around, she said i could do it, I already have done it for 12 weeks. Brad gave me the told you so look. 20 weeks!!!!!!!!! i am never going to make it!!!!!!!!! Kathy made me feel better and i guess i will keep doing it. She said home healthcare really decides when i can go a few hours without ivs. So i decided i am barking up the wrong tree. So when my nurse comes out Friday i am going to tell her i am not throwing up and i am eating all the time....brad told me he would throw me under the bus so quickly my head would spin....and that i better not lie because he will be here. No one is on my side. We heard the baby's heart beat and it was really fast, brad still swears it is a girl, my fingers are still crossed for a boy!

Then after the doctors we saw grandpa frank, we looked worse the Friday. lizzie sang you are my sunshine to him and he sang it back to her, that is the only interaction he gave us. i hope the Lord takes him soon.

Thank you Shaw family for yummy brownies Sunday evening

Thank Baer family for a yummy chicken dinner tonight

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Michele said...

Your blog is empowering to other women and families suffering from hyperemesis. I am in my 15th week and had to have my picc line removed week 12 because my skin was blistering under the bandage. I thought that I would be fine because I was holding down fluids and eating minimally but the cycle started all over again. Stay with your picc line as long as you can because the IV hydration plays a strong role in making you feel better (even if you disconnect for a couple of hours to feel normal again)!