Saturday, April 18, 2009

Saturday 13 weeks...grandpas passing

I wish this post was going to be more about hyperemesis, since that is what this blog is about but since i had an event in my life yesterday i thought i would share.

My day started off with my nurse coming and checking my picc and changing my dressings. I have a slight fever i have to keep my eye on but beside that it all looks good. my kidneys hurt so i wonder if i am getting a kidney infection. i am staying on my IV's and zofran though I don't want to because i am tired of it.

I was going to go see my grandfather who was dying today (Saturday) but decided to go yesterday. Brad and Brother Crockett gave him a blessing at 3pm, it was beautiful. Lizzie sang, You are my Sunshine and I am A Child of God. Lizzie was great, Emmie was scared to death. Brad and the girls left and I stayed until about 7:30pm. The home hospice nurse was going to be there all night and my aunt was staying all night as well. The nurse seemed very confident he would make it 48 hours to a week. So I was going to go back today. We got the call somewhere in the 10pm hour that he had passed and that I could go see his body if I wanted to. I chose not to. When my uncle told me he passed the first thing I said was, That was Fast! That was the only thing that came to mind. If I would have known last night he would pass I would have stayed all night, but hindsight is 20/20. I have no regrets. As I sat by his bed I did not know what to say to him that he didn't already know. He knew I loved him, he knew he was the best grandpa, he knew I thought the world of him, he knew he was my best friend, so what do you say? No regrets that is the way to go. I have not cried, I am not sure that I am sad; he is where he should be. I think of him in heaven and i get this overwhelming happy feeling. He is now happy! Everyone thinks I should be upset, and if another person asks if I am really alright and not faking, I might him them. LOL!!!!1 I am fine, a little tired just from everything but at peace grandpa is where he should be.

Sorry this post is not about hyperemesis, but life happens while you have hyperemesis!

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