Thursday, April 16, 2009

More pictures of the picc line

Picture 1 - My picc line right after the dressings were changed. The dressings must be changed once a week by a home health care nurse. It still stings when they clean the area around the tube.

Picture 2 - A week since my dressings have been changed. I always have a small amount of blood that leaks through during the week. One week the whole dressing filled up with blood. As long as it is less then the size of a quarter it is no big deal.

Picture 3 - This is the needle I use to inject folic acid and prenatal vitamins into the IV bag. The needle does not go into me, so it doesn't hurt. Then the needle goes into our sharps contain.

Picture 4 - This is my pump for my IV, and my IV bag, notice it is yellow from the vitamins.

Picture 5 - This is a Saline Flush, I use it to flush my line to make sure I do not get any clots in my line. If I get clots in my line then my IV's do not work and we would have to take the picc line out and put another one in. That would be horrible, lets keep our fingers cross that I never get a clot in my line!

Picture 6 - This is a picture of me flushing my line, it does not hurt but gives me a funny taste in my throat, sometimes it makes me throw up!


Wendy said...

and we need to know this why??? Glad you still maintain a sense of humor through all this...and you have Brad and Kevin!

Anonymous said...

Well, Wendy, we need to know this for people like me. My son is gettinga PICC line tomorrow and it is reassuring to see it and know certain things.

Thank you for the "PICCS" (pun intended) and the comments...I appreciate them.