Monday, April 6, 2009

MOnday April 6th...11 weeks 2 days!!!!

I am having a good day though I have been sitting doing nothing all day I have had the taste of blood in my throat off and on all day. Weird. My old doctor called and they read the test results back wrong and my blood platelet count is high, not low. But, they couldn't tell me what that meant or how it affects my picc line. I go to my new doctors next Wednesday, they are going to re-do all the tests. Doctors they drive me crazy! I only threw up once this week-end (bagels!), but still am very tired and very weak, I get dizzy walking down the hall and have no energy. If I have a good week I want to lower my zofran again, I think the zofran is making me so tired. We will see. Thanks Lisa for having the kids all day while Brad was at work!

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