Thursday, April 30, 2009

Thursday the last day of April, almost 15 weeks!

Well the last few days have not been so bad. I can take a shower. I am so happy! I love the shower! Just imagine if you could not take a shower for 14 weeks! What would you do? Love the shower! I have not thrown up since Monday, but I am very nauseous every 7 hours (I can only take zofran every 8 hours). I do not have my energy back, and I get short of breath walking down the hall. I have been trying to go out and do things. I am not driving yet because I am too weak. I don't think I will need to put my picc line back in, thank goodness. I went to the doctors yesterday and my mom was able to go and hear the heart beat. She swears its a boy. We will see. I gained a pound, but feel like I have gained 20 pounds! My tummy is getting big, I feel fat so I asked the doctor if I was fat or if it was baby. She said baby but I am still not so sure! While my mom was here we went to Goodwill (D.I.) and got maternity clothes, I look fat and feel fat now. I do not want a stretch mark, my friend Lisa told me if I get a stretch mark then my bikini modeling days are over...oh no what will I do if I can't model bikinis anymore.....HA HA HA HA!!!!!!!! My mom has been here for a week and has been a big help.

Thank you to Wanda for a great KFC dinner last was yummy!

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Anonymous said...

I am truly sorry you have to go through this. I had hyperemesis through all three pregnancies. For what it's worth...I found that if I drank only room temperature water, 1 tablespoon at a time, and keep the water in your body I had a tendency to feel better. However, this is of course after several hospital stays and your plump with fluids! If you continue to stay on top of the fluids I sometimes (key word) felt better. Also, the one thing that really helped (for the 3rd pregnancy) was every morning my husband would get out of bed and boil a big pot of water, bring it in to the bedroom and set it on the floor next to where my head is and put 3 drops of spearmint essential oil in the pot. I would just hold my head over the side of the bed and breath the spearmint oil in and it helps curb the nausea. He was really good to me during all three pregnancies! For the third pregnancy, I got an "All Natural Pregnancy" book from whole foods. There was a couple of things in the book that I tried and remained fairly healthy. I hope this helps you. I know how lonely this can be. A lot of people don't understand. 18 years ago was the first time I suffered from it. lisa