Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Well they lowered my zofran pump from 32 to 28. i could not handle the headaches. Now i am a little more nauseous. i started throwing up my stomach lining at 3am this morning. Oh the joys! i took a bath today and washed my hair, ya! So exciting! i am almost 11 weeks, every second is a second closer! Brad teases me about how cheerful i always seem and say people probably thinking i am faking it since i always seem happy. i guess i am just no good at sounding miserable though i might feel that way! oh well!

Thanks dubrays for dinner tonight, you are great!

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Living on Purpose said...

I am in my 2nd pregnancy with Hyperemesis and just found your blog. My 2nd time around is much better now that I am educated and know what I am dealing with, however it is very difficult to have a child while sick. I am 15 weeks now and on the Zofran pump as well. I have been on and off an IV - but don't have a PICC Line like I did last time.

One thing I just discovered is that when you change the site for your pump - if you squeeze as much of the Zofran out of the site as possible - it heals SO much faster!! Before I did this my sites would be sore to the touch for days after removing it - and now it hardly hurts at all!!

I have just started looking around your site but wanted to drop you a line!! My blog is!!