Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Wednesday 22...almost 14 weeks.....I AM A NEW PERSON!

Wow, how life has changed. Monday I snuck out of the house and drove for the first time! I went to Togo's I was craving chili! I drove!!!!! Liz was really worried, she said, YOU CAN DO IT MOM! My IV's got tangled up in the seat belt and inside my car was over 90 degrees, and I don't have air. But I survived!

Tuesday I went to Target with Brad and the girls and to lunch with Brad (though I did not eat). It feels so good to get out. I still have my 4 hours of IV hydration, because I am not drinking yet. And my zofran I take out for 4-6 hours a day depending on how I am feeling.

Today I vacuumed and started cleaning the house for my mother coming. I am so excited to feel alive. I hope it stays this way! Fingers crossed!

Thank you to Lisa for having the girls yesterday...slip and slide...YA!
Thank you Amy for having the kids today
Thank you Susan C. for yummy pizza for dinner last night

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