Sunday, April 12, 2009

happy easter

Well it started off as a hard day. i got up very early because lizzie woke us all up and wanted to go look for her Easter basket. i didn't want to miss it so i went downstairs. i was able to see her and emmie open up the baskets and they were so excited. Polly pocket was the big hit! Then i felt sick, went back up stairs and throw up, while throwing up i decided throwing up my stomach lining is the best thing to throw up because it has no taste, or after taste. i laid up stairs felt horrible. Decided i could not go to church though i really wanted too. Came downstairs at noon, hooked up to iv's. Decided to eat an orange. Then threw up, a whole bunch, and now i must say throwing up your stomach lining with iv fluid and orange taste the best. A citrus flavor, like an orange starburst. Well brad and the kids are off to church, i will sit and play solitaire and hopefully make it to the crocketts house for Easter.

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