Saturday, April 25, 2009

saturday 14 weeks.....I am never going to live!!!!!

i am not going to make it, i do not know what happened. i quit my zofran thursday night for good then last night (friday night) i thought the world was ending, i have not been that sick since i got pregnant. i was laying on the floor, throwing up like crazy. i hate this. i am back on zofran and iv's! This feels like it will never end. i did so good last week, what the heck happened? now i am stuck in bed again, luckily my mom is here to help.


ashli said...

Sarah, I know you want to be normal again. I know what that feels like, trust me. You're doing SO WELL! That is super encouraging...but if I had HG (and I did) I would take my meds and fluids until I felt completely, 100% better for at least a week (maybe two). If a doctor I trusted told me to continue this way until week 20, I'd really consider that...especially if I kept having relapses when I didn't follow advice.

You are a dear, sweet child of God, and you are trusting in Him with much thanksgiving even in this horrible time of suffering. You can do all things through Christ Who strengthens you...and that means staying on meds and PICCS and not living the life that you used to if need be.

IMHO, the best way to fight HG is to roll with it, rather than rail against it. Sometimes the harder you fight something, the tighter the grip it has on you. When I had HG in the last pregnancy, it was as vast and "insurmountable" as the sea. I knew I couldn't fight something like that, but I COULD ride it. Somehow I came to realize that all I had to do was float over the waves of an unfathomable illness, stretched out under the warmth of the Son.

Hang in there. YOU CAN DO IT!

Roumbaniseses said...

So sorry to hear things took a step back. :(
Say hi to your mom for me

Week 17 Hyperemesis survivor: Michele said...

It is so hard sometimes especially when you have days that make you think you are getting better. This just means that you need to stay on the zofran, that is ok. Hyperemesis seems to go through cycles for me. It feels like you are starting all over but your not. It will get better soon but let all your frustrations out because it is awful to have to suffer like this.