Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sunday the 19th...13 weeks

I am behind in thank you’s:

Thank you Dubray family for burrito dinner on Wednesday night
Thank you Heather and Saint John for yummy chicken dinner Thursday night
Thank you Brother Crockett for giving my grandfather a blessing Friday before he passed

I had a good Saturday, made it to Lizzies best friends birthday party at the park for about 3 hours. It was fun to get out. Then i decided i wanted to go to red robin, the first restaurant i have been to in months. i didn't order anything to eat but did munch on a few fries. Then we came home i got grandpas clothes washed and ready to go. Went to grandmas and dropped off grandpas clothes. So i had an exciting day of not laying in bed. Because i felt so well i decided not to do my iv's. Though i have been told not to, i don't listen very well.

i woke up this morning and was so sick. Should have done those IV’s yesterday! i wanted to eat so i could throw up, i didn't want to throw up my stomach lining. So Trix's sounded good to throw up, i ate them and within 5 seconds they all came up. i was sick all morning. i really wanted to go to church, so i did. I lasted 2 hours! YA!!!!!!!!!!! It was great they even sang 2 of my grandpa's favorite songs, Because i have been given much, and Count your many blessings. i am so glad i could go to church and feel the holy spirit.

My nurse came out Friday and changed my dressings on my picc, i have a slight fever, so i am suppose to keep an eye on it. i have some kidney pain but hopefully it will all resolve its self.

My mom is coming this week so i need to get the spare room clean which has been a storage room, wish me luck!

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