Saturday, January 28, 2012

7 weeks and 3 days

last night my 2 year old hit my jaw i thought i heard a crack and i freaked out.  went to the bathroom. looked in the mirror and my tooth was hanging.  she knocked out my tooth!  no way, i can not handle this right now!  i laid in bed and freaked out!  i called the dentist this morning, luckily i was having no pain.  went in and she knocked out a big filling and left my tooth the way it was.  so monday i  get it fixed, thank goodnedd i do not need a crown or root canal.  how will i keep my mouth open without throwing up to get it fixed?

good news is i only throw up 2 times in the last 24 hours but was nauseous all 24 hours.  i did eat a bowl of chili from wendys and kept it down.  i do not feel better, but i do feel a slight increase of feeling normal, i will take anything at this point.

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Andrea said...

I'm so sorry you are feeling so sick! I completely understand what its like as I also suffered through two pregnancies with hyperemesis! I know you've heard it a thousand times that its all "so worth it in the end" but I know that really doesn't help. With my first pregnancy, I was hospitalized 5 times with severe morning sickness and threw up until the day I delivered! Hang in there.....I promise you will get through this. Andrea S :)