Monday, January 16, 2012

Thank you for uplifting notes and calls

 For the most part I am not well enough to talk on the phone and am not good with answering the phone.  I enjoy e-mails and facebook comments.  This one came from my cousin Kari who actually had hyperemesis with 3 boys and was SICKER then I am!  I remember being a teenager in high school and going to visit her in Oregon with my grandparents and we went to the ocean and a light house and Kari was laying in the road by the light house on the ground throwing up everywhere.  She was so sick she could not move.  I remember thinking she was nuts for having kids let alone 3!  Now look at me!  She sent me this lovely note reminding me my grandparents are on the other side helping me threw this!  I love you Kari!

"Sarah, Sarah, I am with you in spirit. If I could take it away for a day, I would becase I know what to do and how to combat it. Even with your knowledge and my knowledge together, however, that sweet baby has to grow and that means our bodies have to react because one of our challenges is this disease you and I inherited from that woman we both call grandma! She will help you and I will pray for you everyday. Put a pillow in every room and a pitcher!"

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Vallen Family said...

Hey if there is anything that you are out of let me know I am more than happy to run down to Canton to bring it to you. Seriously call, or fb me and I will swing by.