Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Thank you Lyle

Lyle the webmaster of beyondmorningsickness.com sent me this book and the diary of the author of this book during her 4th pregnancy.  I read the diary in one sitting (it was huge) and it made me feel comforted that someone else has the same feelings I have. I do not feel like I need to explain those right now but it gave me great comfort that I can do it.

He also sent me a 100.00 gift card for amazon.com to find something to help me.  I was excited about this and after much thought I decided I am going to buy myself a very nice blanket to cuddle with while I am sick to keep me warm and make me happy.  It is a small pleasure for me.  I currently do not have blanket big enough to cover me and stay warm.

thank you lyle

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