Tuesday, January 31, 2012

8 weeks tomorrow

today has been a very hard day.  brad stayed home from work because he was still sick, i made him sleep on the couch last day. i could not have him in bed moving around or making noises, it would have made me throw up.  he had a doctors appointment at 10am and they put him on antibiotics, steroids, and breathing treatments, and well he still can not breathe.  i had a dentist appointment at 11am my mom took me to.  the acid in my throw up knocked out a big filling.  they were suppose to do a temporary fix but it was so bad they had to do a filling.  my dentist is great and did it in 30 minutes!  it was not so bad though i felt like i was going to die.
then off to do blood work to see if i need a feeding tube.  please pray that i don't. i was 6th in line and it took 45 minutes before my blood was drawn.  i really thought the world was ending and even saw spots.  the blood taker lady felt horrible and made sure i made it to the car. i got to the car and told my mom to hurry home I was going to die (of course all while I was drooling because I was numb). made it home and into bed, i feel like death. i just feel like i can't do this.  i asked brad if he thought this was still a good idea and he said yes.  i am not sure i agree.

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