Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Baby #4

Can you believe I am actually crazy enough to be talking about Baby #4? In October Brad and I were trying to decide whether or not to have another little one and we got the strongest answer we have probably ever received from our Heavenly Father that we were suppose to have another one. I am not sure it was 100% what Brad and I wanted but we were willing to listen to God, he does know all. Once we came to the decision to do it, I felt more at peace. I suffer from Extreme Hyperemesis and I am not sure I am ready to put my body, kids, and husband through it, but it is now in Gods hands. Hopefully we will know in the next few months. We only have until March to try, because I must get pregnant and deliver in the same year for insurance purposes, how sad is that? We will see.....stay tuned to this blog to find out first!

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hgsurvivor said...

You are so brave! I am impressed. I've only experienced one pregnancy, and the hg made it nearly unbearable. I hope you are able to conceive during the right time period for it to work out. I love the design of your blog!