Friday, January 13, 2012

Zofran or Not!

I have had a kinda bad day, I am not hungry and I felt yucky all day, apple juice did not even taste good.  I didn't eat or much at all today.  We had a really bad snow storm today so I laid around all day, it took everything to give the kids lunch.  Brad came home and I decided I wanted to get out and get some fresh snow air.  We drove 30 minuted to Texas Roadhouse.  We ran into Lizzie's teacher.  We got to the car and the girls were buckled and Brad was outside scraping windows and I started throwing up everywhere.  I did not even have enough time to open my door, out my nose and all!  I am not ready!  Please give me one more week.  Brad says I should start taking my zofran, I am just not sure I am ready for the nasty side effects.  But, If I am sick tomorrow I guess I will have no choice!  Please a few more days..........

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