Saturday, January 28, 2012


 This is the picc line without the cover on, you can see the purple tube is what goes inside of me.  They actually stitched that purple T thing to my arm, the stitches itch and drive me crazy.  They said if they fall out to call and they will put them back in.  I think I will try super glue first!  The nurses come every Monday and change my dressings.  It has to be a sterile environment so the kids have to go in their room and the nurse masks up!
Brad's picture of me after I throw-up 2 cups of chili this is what I e-mailed my friend Bec about the chili:

Me: chili was a really bad sorry i ate that
Bec:You just made me laugh out loud!

Me:you would not have been laughing if you were sitting next to me like poor Brad, he kept saying, "Don't miss the bowl and hit me!" "It smells so bad, I think I am going to get sick!" "Why did I get you chili!" "Did you even chew it up? It looks the same!"...................great hubby support!  I love you hunny!

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