Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Pump is in!

Just in case you wanted to see pictures of my big belly!  When I had a pump before they did it in your leg but they said in your belly works better.  They made me do it myself which I have NEVER done before.  Either my dad or great friends like Lisa did it for me.

So, you take a big needle that has a catheter wrapped around it and jab it into your tummy.  You take the needle out and leave the catheter in. 

This is my pump it pumps zofran into all the time.  They gave me a bolus does which seemed to help a lot.  They wanted to give me a shot in my  butt with extra zofran and I told them I would pass!  Had they lost their mind! 

The company that put my pump in was so excited to put one in (because it is so rare) they had 3 people come out to watch because each nurse has to do 3 before they can do it by themselves.  I told them I was happy to help them (NOT)!  They practiced on their tummy's they were so excited.

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Unknown said...

Yay! Hopefully this will give you some relief.