Wednesday, January 25, 2012

baby #5.................really?

so i feel like death, i do not remember it being this bad.  i am so sick and can not do anything or even move.  i throw up all the time, i never eat or drink, and I am stuck to an iv pole! when brad got home from work last night i asked him when he would like me to make his appointment for his vasectomy.  a good time would be right after the baby is born when he has a week off.  i told him i too was going to do some kind of permanent birth control so that we are double protected, i do not want an accident happening.  do you know what he said to me?  he said.................i am not sure if we are done!  i yelled, what?  he said he is leaving it in gods hands how many children we have.  i told him i could not mentally or physically handle being pregnant again.  he said only god knows what i can handle, that i do not know what i can handle.  i told him i can not even handle this pregnancy and he laughed at me and said i was doing amazing he doesn't know any other woman that could do what i do.  i had no clue what to say, there is no way in hell i am doing this again!  excuse the language, maybe he needs another wife!

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