Friday, January 20, 2012

Picc info

My best attempt to blog for a moment.  My arm is killing me.  It is so sore from the surgery.  I am still nauseous and have felt no relief.  I want to be thrown out in the snow and left to freeze to death, I feel that bad.  It has only been a week how am I going to last months?  I was so nervous this morning before the procedure and nauseous.  The nurses were all great but the doctor was odd.  Who likes sitting on an operating table wide awake?  With my last picc I did not need stitches or feel the blood running down my arm during the surgery.  The home healthcare nurse came out and got me hooked up.  She thought I had a blood clot and went and got heparin to put in my picc line and I knew heparin was a blood thinner, I knew the tube was in my heart, and I knew I was a bleeder.  I told her not to use it.  Thank goodness!  Come to find out the tube just needed un-clamped and opened up!  No blood clot at all.  I should have let her kill me :)  Brad said he would have had a nice mal-practice suit :)  HA HA HA!  I have had a bag of fluids and I still do not feel better.  Please relief come soon!

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