Friday, February 17, 2012

10 weeks 2 days

9am had sever chest pains could not breathe thought i was going to die, taken to the ER just got home at 3:30 pm, had ultrasounds, blood work, x-rays, and CT scan.  my blood pressure was high and my heart racing they got it under control.  they thought it was my picc line or a blood clot.  my dad and hubby stayed with me the whole time.   they never figured out what happened.  came home and the thought crossed my mind that maybe i got air in my line. i just don't know, i am feeling better but worried about my baby, ct scans are not safe in the first trimester, please pray for the baby.


Vallen Family said...

That must have been so scarry to have your blood pressure high. I hope that whatever was wrong doesn't happen again. I'm surprised that the doctors didn't check to see if there was too much air in your line.

SARAH said...

I had disconnected from my IV when I went to the hospital so they could not check for air in my line, if thats what happened I am the luckiest person in the world to survive it!