Saturday, February 25, 2012

Bed time 8pm sharp

So starting at 7:30pm I started fading in my chair and my hubby says I no longer answer questions but instead moan yes or no, and grunt.  At 7:30pm I usually have no clue where I am or what I am doing. 7:45 hubby convinces me to flush my IV lines, get a new zofran and get my picc line all ready for bed.  Then he gets me out of my chair in the bathroom and helps me try to brush my teeth.  Then he puts me in bed with my bowl, one last good throw up (walking down the hall always makes me throw up).  He lays me down, tucks in all my cords, puts 2 big blankets on me, tucks me in, calls the girls in for family prayer and kisses, lights off, door shut, and no one see's me until 8am UNLESS I have a bad night then I am up anywhere from 3am on. 

Well I was up at 3am this morning with cramps, constipation, I hate it!  Brad told me this morning that I should be grateful to be constipated over throwing up.  I have not thrown up in over 24 hours!  I told him I would much rather throw up then deal with painful cramps.  He said constipation won't put you in the hospital with a feeding tube but throwing up will.  I still disagree!  I hate being constipated!

While I was up all morning there was nothing on TV, this is how it looks at 3am.......home shopping network, exercise program to make your body look Ab -Mazing, preacher, home shopping network, exercise program, preacher...............over and over, nothing else was on, it was horrible.  At one point I started counting to see out of the 3 which was on the most and believe it or not it was exercising..........zumba, some drumming exercise, nice butt toning stuff, etc.  But what really got me interested (mind you I am on drugs) was these preachers, there are a ton of them, men and women.  I am a very religious person, and I believe in God, and I believe in prayer and that we receive answers to our prayers.  I believe no matter what religion you are or you are not that God hears and answers your prayers.  So, many of these TV preacher shows have a number on the bottom of the screen, to call and they will pray for you.  My theory is the more the merrier, I need all the prayers I can get..............laying in bed with cramps, feeling horrible for weeks and I still have weeks to endure with many more bumps in the road (I am sure), I thought I should start calling!  Good thing there is not a phone in my room :)

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