Friday, February 10, 2012

9 weeks and 2 days..........gross details in this blog!

well............i forgot to mention i lost 10 pounds in 9 weeks, my funny hubby said, "Thats it?"  I gained 20 pounds before i got pregnant so i have 20 to lose, i lost 37 pounds with my first!  I am not losing the weight this time, I am not sure why because I sure am not eating! but it is a blessing we will take even if it means more exercise after the baby is born!

well not only do i throw up and feel horrible all the time but the wonderful drug zofran that gets pumped into my body 24 hours a day has one nasty side affect, CONSTIPATION!  I am not sure how you get constipated if you never eat, how are you suppose to poop.............or better yet what are you suppose to poop?  I am not sure if you have ever been truly constipated but if you have you can agree it can be worse then labor pains, it is sever lower abdominal cramping that feels like a 2 headed monster is ripping your insides to pieces. With my other pregnancy's it got bad enough for enemas and suppositories, and lengthy stays on the toilet (hours).  Well I have been deathly afraid of it happening with this baby so I have been taking laxatives everyday (stool softeners like colace does not work) and they do not always work, so I doubled up last night and went to bed it has been a week since I have gone to the bathroom...............and it happened at 7am..........CRAMPS............I am going to die cramps!  Thank goodness I was prepared and had Brad by suppositories and enemas as soon as I got pregnant.  I tried to go with no luck, did all the tricks, you know put your feet on the toilet seat and lean back (some doctor told me that trick)....NOTHING!  I went and sat in my chair, tried to throw up and start watching Greys Anatomy from last night, 10 minutes later I ran to the bathroom and lived there for the next hour, thank goodness the laxatives kicked in, and well I could not wake my daughter up for school because I could not leave the toilet seat.  It is now 10am and  I feel like I have been up all day!  And since I have not gone in a week the wonderful hemorrhoids have decided to come out and play and it hurts to sit.  I am calling it a day!

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