Saturday, February 25, 2012

My hubby is so funny!

my hubby came home from work and told me he did some more research on hyperemesis (like we have not already done thousands of hours of research) and informed me the chance of me dying was less then 1%  and very unlikely and he feels better.  This was my response, "Dying would be easier then what I am going through!  Are you kidding me, this is not about me dying this is about me suffering for 20 weeks in sever pain!  I wish I were dead!"  He laughed and said it would be over soon enough, love his funny sense of humor!

while I was on the phone to my BESTIE (ha ha....inside joke) last night we were talking about if it was a boy or girl and I told her I am sure it is a girl no doubt in my mind, my hubby in the back ground yelled, "the next one is going to be a boy!"  She asked if he was serious and I told my Bestie,"I am cutting his thing off in the middle of the night when I am feeling better if he does not have it taken care of!"

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