Friday, February 24, 2012

Top 10 list part 2!

Laying in bed last night I realized I needed to add to my list, hey you got to be thinking of something while you are staring at the is my other top 10 list:

10. You leave the house house only once a week to go to the doctors, and it makes you anxious
9. Suppositories and laxatives is in your everyday vocabulary
8.  Your husband does not sleep in the same bed as you
7. Your hair is so greasy you can coat a frying pan with it
6. You know the difference between a saline flush and heprin flush and when to use them
5. You see stars floating around the room so often you think they are new decorations
4. You eat food that you know will taste good coming up
3. You have the TV guide memorized, and are sick of all the Dr. shows!
2. Your family cheers for you when you finally poop after trying 30 times!
1. Your legs are as hairy as your husbands

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