Friday, February 3, 2012

8 weeks and 2 days

The biggest blessing I currently have is that I sleep 8pm to 8am without getting up to throw up or go pee.  I might not feel great but I can stay in bed the whole time.  A huge blessing.

Another huge blessing is my picc line is in my upper arm unlike my last picc line that was where I bend my arm.  This picc line is easy to sleep with and does not hurt every time I move my arm.

I love that my daughters tell everyone at school and church if they ask how mommy is doing they say "Great, she sits in a chair all day and watches TV!"  My girls have no clue how sick I am!

Well thats the end of the great news now for the bad:

My daughters big sign up for kindergarten fair is next week-end and I really want to go.  She does not want to go to kindergarten and I feel like this is the first big step to help her over come her fear.  I want to rent a wheel chair and have my hubby take me.  My hubby said, NO WAY!  He said I can not even get into the car let alone a ride to the fair and in a wheel chair and pushed around.  I do not know what to do, so stressed about it!

I have had a bad week of throwing up and deserve a good week! 

My muscles hurt so my hubby decided to walk me last night by having me do 3 laps around our tiny kitchen which I have not seen in 2 weeks.  It felt good to walk with his help, wish I could go outside, but doubtful.

My IV is on a gravity drip.  So it hangs 3 feet above my heart and drips.  My other picc line my IV bag was in a backpack on the ground and it had a pump that pumped the fluid into me.  This worked great because if I got air on my line or there was a blockage an alarm would go off and wake the dead.  But with my current picc line when the fluid runs out then air runs in the IV line.  My line is about 6 feet long I would say and 5 times we have caught the bag running out and air 5 feet into the line.  If air goes into my chest it could kill me.  Brad is totally freaked out about this, so I must let him know when I do IV bags so he can make sure they do not run out.  Well that's what happen today, I did my IV, turned it off when I was done and feel asleep.  He thought I forgot to turn it off and got air in my line.  He said he thought for sure I was a goner and had himself sick at work.  Poor guy :(

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