Thursday, February 9, 2012


i think hyperemesis makes you crazy. so i woke up this morning and felt GREAT!  i was totalled freaked out and thought I miscarried all because I felt great!  i jumped out of bed ran to the bathroom
(yes that's how great i felt) and took a pregnancy test! it was positive.............thank goodness, i have not gone through 9 weeks of this for nothing.
so i walked to my chair and thought, i can't believe i feel so good, what is going on, maybe I should call my doctor, this just isn't right!!!
well as that thought flashed before my mind i started throwing up all over the place, and well now i feel horrible and i wish i felt well. 
i can not figure out what i want, i am crazy!  i am not happy if i am sick and i am not happy if i feel well.  all i really know is i WANT this baby, after the scare this morning i realized i can do this and i want to hold this baby in my arms in 31 weeks!

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